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Zum ersten Mal ist die Fotografin unseres Cover-Fotos selber auf dem Cover zu sehen - wir finden: Das Bild sieht supertoll aus! Janine Machiedo, unsere Fotografin, kommt ursprünglich aus Freiburg, sie war zum ersten Mal verantwortlich für das Titelbild des Studentenfudder-Magazins. Auf ihrer Website und auf ihrer Facebook-Page seht ihr weitere Arbeiten von Janine - Konzeptkunst. Surreale Fotografie. Fotos, die Geschichten erzählen.

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The surreal photography of Janine Machiedo

After a couple of holiday weeks I am happy to be back with a full post, this time, to present you Janine Machiedo, a Germany based fine art photographer.

As a lot of other artists I wrote about (Kristamas Klousch, Elyssa Obscura, Rimel Neffati) she often uses herself as the model for her creations, and if this could be just a matter of convenience - she’s always available (quoting the great Francesca Woodman) it is also probably the sign that the stories she wants to tell are strongly related to her dreams and feelings.
Janine has very good skills at using Photoshop in order to shape her photos in ethereal and surreal, almost paint-like pictures, and her work has some similarities with Brooke Shaden’s art.

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Janine Machiedo Photography on Photographize Magazine

Janine describes her work as "a break from the daily routine". As I asked her where she gets her ideas from, the first thing she told me was about a simple little detail of her life. Every night she invents a story for her little girl. It always have to be something that´s "impossible".

"This is a wonderful way to train my mind, to think in unusual ways. I think everybody should do that".


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Janine Machiedo Photography


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