Hello there, I think it´s time for Melinda Dolores´next sin! I thought it might be interesting to make it a bit ironic.
Melinda is soooo weird!!!

Please don´t get me wrong. The woman (Melinda Dolores) is not the one who feels the lust here. It´s her little friend who just wants her bananas. That´s what I thought. I saw many seven deadly sins photos and I had to do it with a bit of humour....Hope everyone gets it right now and for your information, I have no problems with my mental health (as far as I know).

Sweet Sunday Mood-Janine Machiedo Photography, conceptual photography, surrealism, coffee, cream, dream,

Inspired by Christmas time and New Years Eve, I created this particular piece.

It shows one of the best ways for me to make sure to survive the whole Christmas chaos!

It also continues my coffee-series.....some more will follow soon.


Distracted Mind, Janine Machiedo, Fine-Art, surrealism, Photography, conceptual photography, portrait

That´s how I felt for the last months. This is my actual house. My man & me bought it about a year ago.

As you can see, it is very old & broken. What you can see, is only the one half of it, which is not renovated yet.

The other half is done, we do it all by ourselfs, step by step. Even though I love old, broken things...sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

It is always in my head, distracting me from everything else. We work 7 days a week, since so long!!!

So I just had to create this piece!!! That is the story behind...and I think doing that cleared my mind a little. Photography is always good for self-therapy :)

Greedy tuesday everyone!
Melinda Dolores in "Greed" (Avaritia)...
Second part of the "seven deadly sins" series.
2015 self-portrait



Janine Machiedo Photography


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