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Ein kleines vorher/nachher...

As you know I usually do a lot of self-portraiture and somehow it´s easier to me to tell a story if I am the one who is in the picture.This is a comissioned work and I totally improvised while I was editing. There are two totally different ways how I create my photos. Some have a concept/story and even a title in advance, so I just have to fill the blank space, knowing exactly what to do, but sometimes I just let it flow like in this case without having a clue how the result will turn out. In this cases I have to find the story/meaning after finishing it. Both ways are very interesting to me, I couldn´t tell which way I prefer. The only thing I knew I wanted to do with that photo, was to try a double exposure effect, because I wanted to do for so long and to create a painterly look. I was thinking about it and looked out of the window (I was dreaming somehow..) and then I saw these beautiful clouds and knew they would be an important part of this work.

Sometimes I am struggeling with the picture while editing, but this time I enjoyed it very much. It was flowing so nicely.. I am not able to express how much I love doing it. When it really flows, I forget everything around me. In this state of mind I am in the picture and nowhere else. It´s strange how I always include my current mood into my work, even when I don´t have such an intention. I can see it very clearly here. I was not really here over the last weeks, I walked around with "my head in the clouds", couldn´t respond to messages as easy as usual and do my daily routine.  So even that is no self-portraiture, there is a lot of me in it. I don´t know if other people can see it my way, if you can see it my way, but it doesn´t matter so much. It matters that you like it or not. Maybe it tells you something else? Or it tells you nothing, but you like looking at it.

Model: Camille van Een


Hello there, first video on my YouTube channel!

I am planning lots of videos for the this is only for the beginning. Some kind of introduction to my work mostly for people who don´t know me yet. So please forgive me, it takes five minutes :)

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Hope you enjoy this new part of my work as much as I do!

While editing an image, my favorite part is always the coloring!! But now I have discovered black and white.

I know that´s anything but new, but for me it is. :)

Believe me, I tried it lots of times to create something in BW, but at the end I could never resist to put the colors back in at least a bit.

This time I finally did it and I am pretty happy with the result.



Janine Machiedo Photography


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