What if we´d break the borders...?

-One of them-

What if the world turned blue..?

-Blue Monday-

...and what if it would stay blue...?

-Blue Monday Lemonade-

...what if our mind was free..?

-The broken Cage-

..what if we´d left our


Welcome to Janine Machiedo Photography

Conceptual Fine Art Photography in Rheinhausen near Freiburg (Germany)

I create storytelling photographs! I invent different characters who identify with a single theme, trait or emotion and merge with it which can be seen in my series about Melinda Dolores and her seven deadly sins, in my works of the seasons, my series about the love for literature, well actually it can be seen in all of my works...

Obviously I love the surreal, dreams and fairytales. I want to bring an element of magic and color into our everyday life! That is my main intention when I am creating. Showing ordinary things in non-ordinary ways, making internal states visible. Some of my pictures serve to remind us of our dreams, give us a hint how to follow them and give them a proper place in the middle of everyday life.


I am available for comissioned work & portrait sessions.

You can also send me photographs which I edit, that they will look like a piece of art à la Janine Machiedo. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date. For more information please don´t hesitate to contact me... I´ll be very happy to help.

Janine Machiedo

Janine Machiedo Photography



Janine Machiedo Photography


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